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MecFlow is a simple, reliable alternative to traditional water supply systems. Formulated to achieve a fire classification rating of B-s1, d0* this unique system has an engineered method of installation. MecFlow's 'CLICKWELD' technology clicks the MecFlow pieces together allowing for pre-assembly before electrofusion welding into place. Serviced through Polypipe Advantage the MecFlow system comes complete ready to install onsite.

Features and benefits

CLICKWELD Technology

MecFlow connects easily using an innovative clip system allowing for pre-assembly before welding. Simple electrofusion then welds and secures the system with the minimum of fuss.



Simply offer up the male end (with clips) to the female end (grove). Connect the clips to the grove on the female end until the 'click' is heard.



Using a suitable electrofusion machine connect the cable to the CLICKWELD connector, scan the bar code for correct timings and weld.



What could be simpler.

Product offering

Low noise transmission

Due to its material properties the MecFlow system provides high resistance to the propagation of noise from water flowing at high velocities within its internal bore.

Abrasion resistance

The smooth and mechanically robust bore of the MecFlow system protects against wall thickness erosion seen from aggressive fluids over long periods of time.

Chemical resistance

MecFlow has excellent chemical resistance due to its high molecular weight and non-polar polymer structure. It is resistant to fluids from pH1 to pH14.

Anti-microbial protection

The MecFlow system is manufactured using a patented material additive within the internal bore surface that prevents pathogens attaching and developing into bacterial colonies.

Increased mechanical strength

Due to the addition of micro-fibres to the material formulation, the MecFlow system has improved temperature and pressure characteristics giving it excellent mechanical strength over a range of fluid temperatures.

UV resistance

The MecFlow material formulation protects against oxidation by direct exposure to UV radiation from sunlight.

CLICKWELD Technology

The unique CLICKWELD technology means no clamps are required for welding, the clips ensure a consistent weld and allow for pre-assembly before electrofusion welding for a secure, long-lasting join.

Less on-site waste

Through the Polypipe Advantage service, MecFlow is delivered in Kits so you get exactly what you need, reducing packing and on-site waste. What’s more Polypipe will recycle any offcuts or end caps at the end for your project.

Less on-site storage

Through the Polypipe Advantage service, MecFlow is delivered in Kits exactly when you need it, reducing the need for long term onsite storage.

Fast installation

With both the CLICKWELD Technology and the MecFlow system being delivered in Kits, faster installation is achieved vs traditional installation.

Lower labour costs

With the system’s fast installation method and less labour required for installation, projects benefit from a reduction in labour costs.

Water quality

The system’s smooth bore and excellent chemical resistance allow the quality of the water it delivers to be maintained throughout its lifecycle, without risk of degradation or contamination.

Fire Classification

MecFlow is a highly engineered product, whose material has been designed and tested to achieve a fire classification rating of B-s1, d0* in accordance to EN13501.

Multi-layer PPR

MecFlow's triple layers provide a multitude of benefits making it suitable for a variety of applications, including boosted cold water, low temperature hot water, chilled water and heating applications.

*Fire classification rating according to EN13501, installed according to building regulations. We recommend MecFlow be installed with our Firetrap sleeves .

Delivered ready to install

MecFlow is specified through our Polypipe Advantage service, and it can be built off-site as a ready-to-install kit – significantly reducing installation time by up to 75% .

Give your project the Advantage


Mecflow brochure

MecFlow brochure

Discover the future of water supply. Download the MecFlow Brochure now.


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